Murska Sobota - in the heart of Pomurje

There are many reasons for visiting this green city. You simply drop by because you need something different, quiet, hospitable, the taste of good wine and authentic cuisine, the melody of local dialects, calming sound of the river’s waves or the endless of Pannonian flatland.

The people in Murska Sobota still know how to calm down, to take time and find delight in the joys of life. Thy appreciate pleasant conversation in the shadow of the city park and they love relaxed walks along the mysterious Renaissance mansion. The visit of the culinary center “Treasury of culinary delights” in city center, will surprise you with loads of local goods and products. Well-marked cycling routes to the nearby River Mura will impress every cyclist to discover the hidden corners of Prekmurje. Since time here just runs slower than elsewhere, and every hour is lasting two hours, sometimes even more, you should come when you need time for yourself and for your loved ones.

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TOP 10 reasons to visit Pomurje

  1. Goričko Landscape Park – the largest landscape park in Slovenia is part of a European network of special protected areas called Natura 2000; nearly half of the surface of Pomurje is included in this area.
  2. Jeruzalem – Over 700 hundred years ago, the Crusaders rode into this “heavenly realm.” The scenic view from the top of the hills took their breath away. They exclaimed: This place is holy! Heavenly! Like Jerusalem! This is how our Jeruzalem was named.
  3. River Mura – exceptional biodiversity, one of the richest ecosystems in this part of Europe.
  4. The source of “Black Gold” in Moravske Toplice healing thermal mineral water, unique in the world.
  5. Grad Castle in Goričko – Slovenia’s largest castle located at the heart of the landscape park.
  6. Plečnik’s church in Bogojina and Romanesque Rotunda in Selo – sacred gems at the heart of nature The first was built in the 1920s according to the designs of the renowned architect Jože Plečnik. The exceptional Romanesque architecture and frescos from early 13th century adorn the Rotunda in Selo.
  7. Start pedalling! Pomurje has more than 600 km of marked biking trails.
  8. Wonderful flavours and captivating delicacies – the smell and taste of local cuisine will forever remain in your memory. You will want to come back to these places. Time and again.
  9. Exquisite wine from four wine-growing regions of the Jeruzalem, Radgona, and Lendava Hills and Goričko Šipon, the most typical wine of Pomurje, and Traminer with a reputation reaching far beyond the borders of the region.
  10. Experience the open and warm Pannonian spirit with a recognisable and light character Slovenia’s most diverse region in terms of dialects, culture, and language, will get under your skin when you visit the numerous events, festivals and sites of live cultural heritage.