Krst ROTO balona čistilna naprava

At the airport in Murska Sobota, Slovenian balloonists performed the “first ceremonial flight” of a new Slovenian special shape hot air balloon “ROTO wastewater treatment plant”.

Although the new ROTO special shape hot air balloon was already shown to the public for the first time in Kranjska Gora, it was necessary to prepare an official first ceremonial flight for it and wish it many safe flights and soft landings.

The special shape hot air balloon “ROTO wastewater treatment plant” was created for the purpose of promoting products from the WATER program of the renowned Slovenian company ROTO. Before the balloon rose above the Murska Sobota plain, it was christened with sparkling wine and addressed by the director of ROTO company mr. Štefan Pavlinjek, who wished the balloonists many safe flights. After ceremony new hot air balloon ROTO wastewater treatment plant rose into the air in the company of numerous balloons from all over the Slovenia and colored the sky over Murska Sobota.

Authors of photographs: Nina Lepoša, Simon Ravnič in Matjaž Pavlinjek

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